About Me


Dexter's creative life began at a young age. He grew up with two sisters and would often compete with his older sister in drawing competitions and writing short stories. Many years later, he saw a bass player playing the bass guitar and immediately fell in love. His father seeing his love for the instrument, purchased the bass guitar and amplifier for him the following week. That was really the beginning of his artistic journey....It was the beginning of the realization that he had nitch for picking up on details musically and in other creative avenues life offered. 

DEX·TER·I·TY - skill in performing tasks with your hands. That's the story behind the name. He plays the bass guitar and has a really long first name in "Jonathan-Dexter" to be exact....hence the name. He also takes pride in being hands on creatively and collaboratively.

Photography was always an appreciation of his. Although Dexter had a love for editing photos, he just never owned a camera... until he purchased his first semi-pro camera after receiving a bonus from a job (inpatient coder) he worked in his previous career

Photography evolved into a love for fashion photography specifically and then a passion for filmmaking. His career change has taken him to places he never thought and imagined he would find himself and is ready for the next adventure. Will you be coming along? 

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